Hey dears, I am swimming around 🍤 enjoying my artistic residency @meetfactory Praag. For those around come by tonight at 21:00 I will be sharing #soloworks 🔐🔐🔐 @iamaspiritwoman empowered by the collective effort to reinvent spiritual tradition.

WHAT? The goddess is present. The goddess opens spirit mind, takes demon for a walk stick and worships the plant. 💜💜 one on one now one we invoke the Devine feminine slut and dance colours. HOW? You are invited to enter mirror lodge – sacred safe(r) space. Sit in mirror lodge observe dragon’s eye, stop inside yourself. Follow this indication to the bone. Something extraordinary might happen. WHEN? Start 21:00 👉🏽 12min p.p 👉🏽 closing at 22:00 @meetfactory Praag. SOUND? Accompanied by 🎧🎹🎺🥁Soundcomposition “the future is wireless“ by my favorite @spawarrior

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Mirror lodge