Laura Eva Meuris

by origin a dancer from Belgium, working as an artistic care taker, choreographer, performance artist and designer.

Mixing criticality with ecofeminism and shamanism that is emerging anew in our own backyards of western Europe. She offers different people a place for mind and stroll journeying in horizontal choreography and collective making processes where being in spiral constellations enables to face all the particles of the circles now and in not yet. She continues exhibiting, performing, writing and creating immersive environments. Where the whole is reminiscent of a rhizome branching out in crafting rituals, power objects, kaleidoscopic mapping, constellation work and many other fields of action.

She has been presenting works at Meetfactory, Praag, CZ, Futura Gallery, Praag, CZ, in Theatre studio, Grand Theatre, Warsaw, PL, Kaap, Oostende, BE, BRUT, Imagetanz, Vienna, AT, Niech (Nie) sczezna artyści Exchange, Wroclaw, PL, Mecenasi Tanca, Bytom, PL, WUK, Vienna, AT, Hof Van Busleyden, Mechelen, BE,

Currently she is studying at Kask Conservatorium, Autonomous Design. Studied at the Academy in Mechelen, Multidisciplinair Atelier with Herman Van Ingelgem, Sint- Lukas Academy, Art of painting, MSC training and at the Belgian School for sjamanisme. She enjoyed her classical Ballet training at the Royal Balletschool of Antwerp, received her Bachelor degree at CODARTS Dance Academy, and was selected for Danceweb scolarship @Impulstanz under the mentorship of Tino Sehgal and Louise Höjer in 2016.


    Belgian dancer, choreographer, artistic care taker, performance artist.



In 2013 together with Ellen Cobbaert and H-30 artistic workspace she founded WILD AT HEART offering a care platform for youngsters to experiment with dance, choreography, installation and performance.

CHOREOGRAPHER, PERFORMER, #onlyloveisreal;  AT, BE, Pl, Ger — 2015-2019

#onlyloveisreal is a long term research project dedicated to the subject of love, intimacy and self-care. A collaboration with her soulmate, choreographer and dancer Pawel Dudus.

In 2016 they were selected to be part of the Huggy Bears program in Vienna with a one year residential support. This first part of their research intwined with their daily lives resulted in the creation of a series of performative embodied acts and soft practises: “a study on touch”, “an act of self loving”, “an act of surrendering”, “a study on healing through sound” and a choreography “the liquid act” sound composition by Luiza Shultz

They have been presenting these works in Theatre studio, Grand Theatre, Warsaw, PL, Kaap, Oostende, BE, BRUT, Imagetanz, Vienna, AT, Niech (Nie) sczezna artyści Exchange, Wroclaw, PL, Mecenasi Tanca, Bytom, PL, WUK, Vienna, AT, Hof Van Busleyden, Mechelen, BE, Brut, Imagetanz, AT, Campo, Gent,BE.

And gave workshops at Kaap creative compass, Oostende,BE,  Mecenasi Tanca, Bytom, PL, Tanzquartier, Vienna, AT and Explore festival, Berlin, GER.


During Danceweb under the mentorship of Tino Sehgal and Louise Höjer in 2016 she met Zuzanna Zabkova they became sisters of extreme and started to perform in each others projects which are questioning the mode of production, labour and care present in arts, speculating and problematising the contemporaneity within its consequential politics.


Together with Zuzanna Zabkova she organised Newfoundland, a gathering for one month temporary community, resituating choreography, exploring principles of permaculture, elastic time and horizontal structure. They wanted to offer a platform which is able to say yes to something that economically seems unprofitable but makes sense for the community.


In search for a place where dreams and thoughts come together, in 2017, Laura Eva started her autonomous research project “The Inside Garden”, she created a ‘magical’ environment for herself and a growing community of like-minded people and friends. Ann inner garden, where eco feminist and shamanic practises are used as a way of thinking with it’s own rationality to re-imagine the world we live in.

CHOREOGRAPHER, PERFORMER, And i want to remember all of your shapes; GER— 2017

“And I want to remember all of your shapes” premiered in Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. An experiment in horizontal choreography with Zuzana Žabková, Laura Eva Meuris, René Alejandro Huari Mateus, Catalina Insignares, Mor Gur Arie and Tanja Sljivar.

CHOREOGRAPHER, PERFORMER, Harvesting darkness; CEZ — 2018

In the project “Harvesting darkness”  a 5 Hours long performance walk during witches day and full moon presented in spring in Futura Gallery in Prague in Czech republic Zuzanna Zabkova , Laura Eva Meuris, Lucie Mičíková, Nik Timková, Kata Halmen Bodoki, René Alejandro Huari Mateus, Eva Prieckova continued to work together and developed further the unraveled thoughts on community and choreography deriving from previous experiences.

ARTISTIC CARE TAKER, New Dionysian festival; BE — 2018

A fest of altered states of mind, ecology, art and collective soulmaking. As a continuation on Newfoundland, The Inside Garden and the research within the project “and i want to remember all your shapes” on somatic explorations triggered by altered states of body and mind.


MakeMake productions, “Atlas der abgelegenen inseln”, Wien modern, Vorarlberger Landestheater, AT — 2017

Roni Katz , “Between Us or who cares about resolution” Dock 11, Berlin, GER — 2017

Benoit Lachambre , “THAT CHOREOGRAPHS US!”, Impulstanz, Vienna, AT — 2016

THE GERMANS Pukkelpop & Next festival, Kortrijk, BE — 2015

Akemi Takeya “Little stories about S.O.S: Signs of solidarity/Group version, Impulstanz, Vienna, AT — 2015

Alain Platel – Les ballet c de la b Duet from “C(H)oeurs” Saint Amour and Liefde tussen de lijnen, BE — 2015

Les ballet c de la b & TALK Project gas ontploffing Ieper, BE — 2015

Raffaella Polastrini “SWIETLIKA” (+8) Théâtre Marni and Pierre de Lune, Brussels, BE — 2015

Albert Quesada “Slow sports outdoor” Dansand! Festival, Oostende, BE —2014

Anna Reti and Ido Batash “EGO TRIP” Collaboration project of Trafo house of contemporary Arts and SIN cultural Center, HU — 2013-2014

Sans Saucisses “WIE WIJ ZIJN” H-30 artistieke werkplek, Kleur festival, Dansen in’t park, BE — 2013

Reut Shemesh Choreography “AORA”Collaboration with city of Cologne, MichaelDouglas kollektiv, Design Quartier Ehrenfeld, Random Collision, Groningen Nominated to the Cologne dance and theatre price 2012, GER, NL — 2012-2013

Ido Batash – Random Collision “Stew of Mollusks” Groningen, NL, IL — 2011

Stephen Shropshire, Itzik Galili, Roy Assaf, Andrea Miller -Noord Nederlandse Dans “Shadow Boxer “,“See under x”, “through the center”, “Pupil” Groningen, NL — 2009-2010

Anouk Vandijk Dance Compagny “Deseo” De Parade, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Amsterdam, NL — 2008-2009


Coaching Pieter Ampe’s solo “so you can feel”CAMPO Productie, Gent, BE — 2014

The Pool is a container for performing and visual artists exploring, complicating, and resituating “choreography.” The group is comprised of over 60 artists from Australia, Europe, Russia, South America, the United States, Australia and the Middle East. After being selected and participating in danceWEB 2016 at ImpulsTanz under the mentorship of Tino Sehgal and Louise Höjer, the group decided to continue an association for research, support, and projects. — 2016


Royal balletschool of Antwerp — Dance; BE – 2001 – 200

Compagnia Zappala danza — Dance;  IT – 2007 – 2008

Rotterdamse dansacademie CODARTS — Dance; NL – 2008 – 2010

Thomas More background educations – Philosophy; BE – 2014

Academy Mechelen — Multidisciplinair Atelier;  BE 2018

Sint-Lukas Academy Brussels — Art of painting; BE  2018

Mindfulness selfcompassion training, BE – 2017-2018

Belgian Education for sjamanisme, BE 2017 – 2019 

KASK Autonomous Design, BE 2019