Seeking to expand her relationship with nature, and in order to integrate the knowledge, the experiences, the ecology of practises gathered during Newfoundland. Laura Eva wanted to continue by building a garden.

A Garden as a place of resistance to the global capitalist enclosures, a sanctuary away from normative perceptions and stress of everyday life, a place for mind and stroll journeying in horizontal choreography applying principles of permaculture where being in spiral constellations enables to face all the particles of the circles, a place where time does not (need) to exist, a place for building alternative healthy networks of relationships, a place for re-imagining being here, for growing, playing, learning and cultivating.

Creating available new grounds to think the world a new. Not shying away from principles like empathy, compassion, trust and love.

cc zoilyproductions

A place available for you. Welcoming all those interested to contribute in whatever forms of expression they feel most comfortable.


The Greenhouse