Map for drawing the future, drawings and objects on paper (detail), cc Laura Eva Meuris
Map for drawing the future, drawings and objects on paper (detail), cc Laura Eva Meuris

“Located on a busy road, on the outskirts of a town, in a commercial zone. There is nothing idyllic or easy about it. Yet it is precisely this situatedness that makes it so important.” Clara Reiner 

Inside Garden

re-imagining being here

Building the inside garden grew from a wish to expand my personal relationship with nature, in order to integrate the knowledge, the experiences, the ecology of practises gathered along the way.

Most of all it came from a wish to help sustain free culture and the friendships manifesting the collective body of artistic work. I feel like contributing by continuing creating available new grounds, building sacred safe(r) spaces and holding space for re-imagining being here.

I imagine a garden as a sanctuary away from normative perceptions and stress of everyday life. I imagine it being a shared space that works beyond neo-liberal modes of exchange and is curious to see what we generate when author rights are out of the picture. I imagine it being a place for celebrating community, gathering, creating, growing, playing, learning and cultivating. 

A place where people and plants and animals and spirits that would otherwise not cross paths come together. A place where time does not (need to) exist, a place for nourishing and building alternative healthy networks of relationships.

While building the garden I see us exploring  principles of permaculture; earth care, people care and self care (which enables us to be open towards others and share the abundance). 

I imagine to offer creative work space for exchange of artistic practise, healing, ritual, seasonal gatherings, artists in residence, festival and study. I see us creating a pick garden and a playground for children, animals and non gendered ageless lifeforms. I imagine us working with and for nature. I imagine us welcoming the entire neighborhood and being transparent and open to the public. 

I imagine the place being a matter of fact response to the violence of capitalism and ecological destruction, I imagine it being a humble yet deeply rooted project, attached to a place and a community. I feel it could offer a real alternative to current modes of living and creating, finding ways to enrich and care for those present.