My life in the bush of ghosts

A co-creative performance about technology and fragility.

6 artists, 3 disciplines and 2 curators at the Begijnhofkerk.

The current clash between public and private space, or more specifically between technology and fragility is the point of departure for the project My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (working title). Our internalized ego, or the ‘ergo ego’ is largely influenced by public influences such as media and technology. Therefore, we humans are in a precarious position in which the private and public interlace.

The Begijnhofkerk will be the playground for the artists; this is the location where the performance is going to take place, after a residency of three weeks, which starts on the 15th of November. The character of this space will be embraced and further explored. This co-creative project needs to be understood as an experiment. The different artistic profiles of the artists – dance, visual art, and performance – are key to the making process of the performance.


8 – 10 December 2017 / Begijnhofkerk / Brussels


artists: Néstor Garcia Diaz, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Laura Eva Meuris, Pawel Wieslaw Dudus, Luiza Schulz & Pieter Steyaert

curated by: Isabelle Vander Stockt & Charlotte Vandijck

accompanied by curator and dramaturg : Marnix Rummens

graphic design: Viktor Van den Braembussche

Supported by 

workspace brussels

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