Is a friendship based collaboration between Pawel Dudus and Laura Eva Meuris. Their project started in 2015. Since that time they have dedicated themselves to the subject of intimacy, love and (self)-care. 

By obseving current socio-political situation they wanted to offer a response towards voilence and hate which is growing because insensibilization and empathic anesthesia, current national segregation linked to fear and predominance of normative perceptions.

It was their wish to expand the capacity for love and to prove that only love is real.

They wanted to bring to the foreground, question and rephrase how we connect and relate to each other as human beings. They felt the need to create sustainable, healthy relationships.

They supply themselves and others with a practice they call “neu romantiks” in order to enhance their sensual capabilities, develop more trust, empathy, deepen the connection and to inspire different ways of being together. 

First part of their research resulted in creating workshops and performative embodied practices and acts that offer a shared space for critical conversation, active participation, observation and sensory interaction. 

Their work is intrinsically connected to visual art, performance, the art of living and the art of relationships. 

Over the time they were able to develop a sense of unconditional togetherness and a body that neither losses itself in other nor imposes its power over the other. 


2O17 / Artenova Talentenfabriek / Mechelen
2017/ Imagetanz BRUT / Vienna
2016 / Impulstanz / Vienna
2016 / Polska Platforma Tanza /Barbara / Wroclaw
2016 / Studio Anne Juren & Roland Raushmeir / Vienna
2016 / Raum 33 Elio Gervasi / Vienna
2016 / Im_Flieger / Vienna
2015 / CAMPO / Gent
2015 / D.ID Dance Identity / Pinkafelt


A Beginning

A proposal to start our proces
We didn’t think of it a stupid idea to immerse ourselves 
Maybe this will tell us how to start
Is this a way we want to work? 
This works because we don’t know what we are doing
We want to experience it, sharpen our intuition 
We could have chosen many different ways to start 
It was a way to begin 
An attempt to a ritual 
To take a leap of trust to grow together in hope and love
No longer having to keep heads above water alone
It takes courage and a decision to dive in and find a way together 

Photography ken bekaert

“liquid act”

Two bodies coexisting in one space. Feedbacking each other, blurring the line between leading and following.

Without defining the relationship they surrender to the present moment. The expanded awareness contributes to a greater communication between their bodies, where extreme sensitivity counterpoints abstract form. This results in playful interactions, transformative images, serenity, balance, respect and sensual proximity. An integral part of this act is a sound installation. It creates a sound environment that makes the spectator part of this meditative, sensual and oneiric experience.

Concept, choreography and performance Pawel Dudus & Laura Eva Meuris
Sound composer Luiza Schulz
Duration 50 min
Trailer Lisa Tahon Dansand 2017 & Laboratorium ruchu CSK 2016
Edit trailer Nika Saravanja


2017 KAAP creative compass Dantand! Oostende, BE
2017 Theatre studio, Grand Theatre, Warsaw, PL
2016 Niech (Nie) sczezna artyści. Exchange, Wroclaw, PL
2016 Mecenasi Tanca, Bytom, PL
2016 WUK, Vienna, AT
2016 Hof Van Busleyden, Mechelen, BE
2016 Campo, Gent,BE

“4 acts in honour of love”

A guided backwards walk. Follow in the footsteps of your guide, who will lead you past the poetics of these intimate encounters “4 Acts in honour of love“. The dancers seek togetherness through movement, without losing their individuality.

4 Acts in honour of love” consists out of 4 separate embodied performative acts; “a study on touch”, “a study on healing through sound”, “an act of surrendering” and ”an act of self loving”. These felixible scores generate distinctive states of being that move and choreograph the performers. To choreograph the event Dudus & Meuris work with a flexible composition which allows to transform the work according to the specific conditions of the venue.

Within the different formats we explore possible ways of engaging the audience in our work. „4 Acts in honour of love” invites local communities and ofters the possibility to take part in the performance after an emmersive neuromantiks training before hand. Ideally the work is performed by 9 performers and a group of participants.

Apart from theater, gallery and museum spaces the work has been presented in a hair dressing atelier, a private apartment and on the shore.

Concept choreography and Performance Pawel Dudus & Laura Eva Meuris
Performers @ WUK Leon Marič, Sara Ostertag, Zuzana Zabkova, Pawel Dudus, Laura Eva Meuris 
Sound artists @ WUK Luiza Schulz, Akel Akatana 
Sound Artist engaged in the beginning of the proces Stijn Demeulenaere 

2016 WUK, Vienna, AT
2016 Brut, Imagetanz 2016, AT
2016 Hof Van Busleyden, Mechelen, BE
2017 KAAP creative compass Dantand! Oostende, BE

Picture by Jean Baptiste Huong 
@Stretch Festival 

“neuromantiks” workshops

This training will take the form of a physical laboratory. We will investigate the multifaceted subjects of intimacy, sensuality, care and pleasure. The focus of our workshops lies on the connection between somatic work and artistic creation which forms the basis of Laura Eva’s and Pawel’s choreographic and performative practice.

We will work with scores which enable individual and collective confrontation with different approaches to intimacy. These sessions offer practices to train “neuromantiks” – these are practices based on the awakening of the senses, expanding the ability to listen, developing a stronger sense of empathy and enhancing sensual capabilities among others. These exercises provide psychosomatic experiences, which we’ll use as a motivation to generate movement – creating a safe space to be, to observe and to collectively reflect upon our questions.

#practicingintimacy #attentiveencounters #queercare


24 & 25 juni 2017 / KAAP creative compass  / Oostende

13 & 14 december 2016 /  Mecenasi Tanca / Bytom 

05 until 10 March 2019 / Tanzquartier Wien Studios

 #onlyloveisreal has been selected by HUGGY BEARS Program 2016 an initiative to support young artists in the development of their work offered by SUPERAMAS/Vienna.

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