Is a 3 day choreographed event, a celebration that empowers a desire for reconnecting to the rhizomorphic network of nature’s intelligence. It is a time and a space for dissolving borders between beings and for sensing the emergence of unexpected visions to come.

In the greenhouse we where welcomed by a small community of people who support multidisciplinary and experimental projects on permaculture, art and sustainable living.

This communal dive into an ecology of altered states was an exciting time for wondering about how to reconnect with the intent of a living world. It was a radical yet care-full experiment.


Irina Lav, Asher Lev, Laura Eva Meuris, Zen Jefferson, Uzanna Zabkova, Pawel Dudus, Ady Elzam

Installation: web, rope, 10m on 15m Laura Eva Meuris & Wouter Hellin