In 2013 we set up WILD AT HEART together with H-30 artistic workplace for youngsters in Mechelen.

WILD AT HEART is supporting young makers in the development of their work offering a new care platform for youngsters to experiment with choreography, installation and performance.

We wanted to reach as diverse a group as possible and be open to new young people in an approachable way.

In order to bring a new group of young people together, we felt it was important to invest in intensive recruitment. We did what we called “kamikaze actions” and “street performances” ; 1-minute ,explosive interventions/performance happening in different schools in Mechelen, surprising the youngsters in their classrooms and street performances at hangouts during the afternoon break and after school hour.

We became visible on the streets in Mechelen bringing to awareness the project WILD AT HEART. In this way we recruited a diverse group of 15 young people.

With this group of young people, we completed a long-term trajectory of 4 years in which they were able to take on various artistic challenges and experiences through the different collaborations and contexts in which they could show and experiment with their work. This trajectory was nicely concluded with their solo performances which they performed during the exhibition ZOT GEWELD / DWAZE MAAGD in the Museum, Het hof van Busleyden, Mechelen,Be.


2014 recruting actions at the streets and in the schools of Mechelen, BE

2014 showing cascocamp/ H-30 festival, Mechelen, BE

2014 workshop at vilanella, Antwerp, BE

2014 try out at cc Mechelen, BE

2015 show “move me” at Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerp, BE

2015 Silent Manifestation at central station tijdens “openbare vluggertjes” Antwerp,BE

2015 Silent Manifestation at Koninging Astridplein tijdens “openbare vluggertjes” Antwerp, BE

2015 Show “move me” at H-30 artistic workspace, Mechelen, BE

2015 pop up installations, performances and show “Move me” at Mefisto Art Festival, cc Mechelen, BE

2015 pop up installations, performances and show “move me” at expo Broei.on , Turnhout, BE

2015 Pop up installation and performance “De winter van Mechelen”, Tile Maline, Mechelen, BE

2016 Fieldtrip /research Kalmthoudse heide in the frame of Zot Geweld/ Dwaze Maagd, Kalmthout, BE

2016 Showing WILDATHEART Antwerpen in collaboration with Vilanella at Carwash Theater Antwerpen, BE

2016 workweek and show WILDATHEART Lier at Broedhaardfestival, Lier, BE

2016 intimate manifestation at NEST015 cultureel centrum Mechelen, BE

2016 show “exotic amniotic” for WILDATHEART Antwerpen in collaboration with vilanella at Montycultuurfactory, Artisj festival, Antwerpen, BE

2016 show “exotic amniotic” for WILDATHEART Antwerpen in collaboration with Vilanella at De Singel, Antwerpen, BE

2016 show “exotic amniotic” for WILDATHEART Antwerpen in collaboration with vilanella at CC ter Vesten Beveren, BE

2016 Field trip exposition EXTRACITY The image generator, Workshop+guided Tour, Antwerpen, BE

2017 workshop at theater flanel, Temse, BE

2016 collaboration with Manoeuvre Artspace for co-creation, craft and diversity Antwerp, BE

2016 Preparation for the research, lecture about the exposition ZOT GEWELD/DWAZE MAAGD. Met Staf Vos en Marijke Wienen. Mechelen, BE

2016 intimate manifestation at uitzonderuitlaat in the frame of Zot Geweld/ Dwaze Maagd Mechelen, BE

2017 dansperformance ‘Moving Sculptures’ in het kader van Zot Geweld/Dwaze Maagd Mechelen, BE


Coaching in choreography, performance and installation: Laura Eva Meuris & Ellen Cobbaert

Care and organisation: Laura Eva Meuris & Ellen Cobbaert

Supported by: The provincial youth service of Antwerp, Project.ART,NAFT, H-30 artistic workspace Mechelen, MestizoartsFestival (MAF ), Villanella, BROEI.on Turnhout, Cultural Centre of Mechelen – “Mensen maken de stad, Arenberg Schouwburg Antwerp, Fiebre and Fameus.